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Our adventure Challenger programs are an original approach to teach how to develop and maintain a harmonious work group.
Building confidence, self expression, and respect in teamwork…participants are encouraged to develop their goal setting, problem solving and communication skills through a series of exercises.

The emphasis is on working together, getting to know each other better, and learning about them, motivating and improving communication. We create packages tailored to your group’s need - Beach Olympics/Segway and Quad /Jeep rally….

Try our: ‘’Part of the circus for 1 day program', that provide a positive energy for the group.

Programs can run all day in a special private venue or during the Duck or Scooter Tour, travelling through different villages and ending the day performing with and for your team, in one of the most beautiful villages of Ibiza. ‘’Workshop of recycling’’ to realize a social or environmental activity has demonstrated to be, besides a good reason, a great way of motivating.

Everything we normally used to throw in the garbage, we will re-use to build musical instruments, to make puppets, jewellery…
We will have fun making gifts (the teachers are clowns!) and we will create big smiles for… (could be donated to any charity foundation).

3 - 7 hours
8 - 200