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Hippie tour & rally

A touch of nostalgia…

around the White Island with a quirky vintage vehicle like they used to drive daily 30 years ago.


With a funny road book- , including plenty of cartoons-  in your hands you will explore this 'Retro Trip' and the most natural beauty of Ibiza’s countryside.

With the Citroën 2CV, better known as ‘’Ducks’’ you can slip back in time, through elegant and Kitsch spots.


THE  HIPPIE RALLY ! Pinnacle and Queen of the teambuilding- und fun events


A combination of nostalgia, rally and Ibiza feeling. Possible in different variations and mixed vehicles

Basic concept:
For the hippie rally we go with ducks (2CV) and jeeps to various stations and most beautiful places of Ibiza and the participants can experience a variety of tasks and tests, and need to answer questions and find teambuilding solutions.

It is a mix of activities of fun driving and solving riddles, playing games, team-oriented collaboration, educational and historical puzzles.
During the event, the participants see the most beautiful places of Ibiza, historic sites, panoramic views, have idyllic landscapes to discover and they will also experience the other side of Ibiza.
Depending on group size, the customer can choose from a variety of activities, which offer fits best to the group.


As an option: Everyone in the group receives his own individual Hippie kit (pirate also possible) to disguise himself as a real Hippie or pirate.

4 -8 h (flexible)
20 - 160 pax